What students should do when their college Tier 4 Licence is suspended

What should an international student do if the college they have applied to has their Tier 4 Sponsors licence suspended or withdrawn by the UK Border Agency?

Immigration Matters receives a large number of inquiries from students who have obtained visas or are already studying at a college which was approved by the UK Border Agency (UKBA) but later had its licence suspended.

It is estimated that thousands of students are studying at colleges which previously appeared on the UKBA Tier 4 Sponsors Register, but were later suspended.

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The realization that your college name no longer appears on the list of approved sponsors can send a wave of panic throughout the campus. But do you need to change college immediately?

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Heriot Watt University London Campus offering Postgraduate courses

HeriottWatt_universityHeriot Watt University (Scotland) already open a new associate campus in London with WLC where they are offering couple of masters degree for the students. Especially the postgraduate courses designed for the Tier 4 international students. Edinburgh Business School is a part of Heriot-Watt University is one of the top business school in the UK. Heriot Watt offered MBA degree which is very prestigious among British MBA degrees.

Heriot-Watt University is ranked in the top 10 universities in the UK (2013 Sunday Times Guide). Also Heriot-Watt University became ”Scottish University of The Year 2011-12”.

If you are a Tier 4 international students in UK and would like to obtain not only work permit but also one of the renewable degree then  you should join WLC for Heriot Watt MBA programme or any other Masters Degree programme. Continue reading

New Tier 4 maintenance fund increased from April 2012

UKBA recently set a new changes in Tier 4 student visa. From 6th April 2012 all student who wants to study in UK has to show £200 extra for every single month. Whether your place of study inner London or outer London, you must add £200 for your living expense extra in each month to show UK Boarder Agency that you have sufficient money to cover your study while your are in UK.

For prospective students:

If you want to come in UK then please note the following Tier 4 maintenance requirements changes.

  • £1000 each month if your primary study location inner Greater London, up to 9 months for 28 days period in your bank account. Which is (9 Months x £1000) £9000 for your accommodation and maintenance in london. Please covert British Pound to your local currency.
  • £800 each month if your primary study location outside Greater London, up to 9 months for 28 days period in your bank account. Which is £7200 if you study outside London. Continue reading



Fund your postgraduate studies in a Commonwealth country

Are you a university graduate? Would you like to study or train abroad? The Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan can help you broaden your horizons, experience another culture and further your education.

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University of Wales degree and visa scamming

University of Wales degree and visa scamming

Today BBC Wales unveiled scamming degree and visa of University of Wales which is the second largest university in UK. Few of the UK based college are scamming University of Wales degree to overseas students to get a quick degree rather than a full course. They taught international students how to obtain a quick (short-cut) degree to get post study work (PSW) permit before April 2012. As per UKBA, PSW is going to shut down its activities by April 2012.

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Tier 4 Legacy sponsor

Now a days we acknowledgement  that ‘A’ trusted, ‘B’ trusted sponsor and Highly Trusted Sponsor but many of you maybe didn’t heard about ”Tier 4 Legacy Sponsor”. Legacy is another new sponsor category of Tier 4 immigration system. UK Boarder Agency introduced Legacy sponsor for those institute who was unable to meet their standard requirements of Tier 4 licence and as a result Legacy sponsor will be force to shut their activities in a specific time of period.

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