Study CIMA in London

cimaChartered Institutes of Management Accountants (CIMA) a global professional brand and degree for high level professionals. Study CIMA in London with affordable fees with 20 Hours work permit.

CIMA course is providing by many institutes like LSBF, Kaplan, BPP and many others. London School of Business and Finance (LSBF) is one of the best tuition provider for CIMA. LSBF in a partnership with Glyndwr University London. As a result all international students who will study CIMA with LSBF will provide the world class tuition and Glyndwr University will provide the Tier 4 sponsorship to the students. Overseas students can obtain 20 hours working rights as per Tier 4 rules.

BPP is best place for study CIMA in london.




Short-term UK study visa guide

study-in-uk-bannerShort-term UK study visa also known as student visitor visa. Overseas student interested to study short course in UK should apply for a student visitor visa. Usually these type of course minimum 4 weeks to maximum 9 months. Short-term UK student visa can study English, Business, Fashion or any kind of training courses.

Remember this is not a Tier 4 (General) student visa who’s coming to study academic course. Student visitor visa allows to study and return the student to their home. This short-term student visitor visa could be for minimum 6 to 9 months and there won’t be any extension under Short-term student visitor visa.

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UK Immigration and Nationalities Fees are Increasing

28th February 2011, Immigration minister Damien Green proposed to increase immigration and nationality application fees for all those applying to study, visit, work or stay in the UK. These fees will not apply untill they have been debated and approved in Parliament, but are due to take effect from 6 April 2011. Click here to see new proposed application fees details.

This fees will apply from 6th April 2011 but depending on parliaments approved.

Even UK Boarder Agency stated

The UK Border Agency believe the proposals to increase fees continue to strike the right balance between maintaining secure and effective border controls and ensuring that the fees structure does not inhibit the UK’s ability to attract those migrants and visitors that make a valued contribution. This will help to support the immigration system, maintain public confidence and ensure that migration is managed for the benefit of the UK.

5 Things You Need To Know Before You Apply For Tier 2 Work Permit Visa

jobTier 2 is a category where Non European apply for work permit visa in UK. Most importantly this is an alternative of Post Study Work (PSW) visa in UK. Tier 2 is very popular for the overseas (Tier 4 General) students in UK. Recent graduates can apply for any Tier 2 job without any Labour market test. You should always follow the following 5 steps to find a genuine Tier 2 registered sponsor.

Step 1  Search a Tier 2 Registered Sponsor

This is the most important stage. Being a Tier 4 General Student you must need a UKVI registered Tier 2 sponsor. The best way to find a sponsor is to go through the UKVI website. If you’ve been offered a job in a company but the company doesn’t hold a Tier 2 Sponsor licence then you won’t be able to apply for Tier 2 visa. Don’t ask where can I find a Tier 2 registered sponsor list. Click here to find a registered Tier 2 Sponsor list.

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Tier 4 students exempts from Tier 2 salary up

Not good enough but at least something government has listened from Migratory Advisory Committee. The salary threshold will increase at least £30,000 for the Non-EU migrants but this changes will not affect if anyone hire international student who has recently graduated to a degree level course.

Also a new immigration skill charge announced £1,000 each year from the employers if the recruit Non-EU employees but again this charge does not need for the Tier 4 migrants and PhD level students. If employers decided to hire international students from UK then they will be able to save £1,000 each year for each candidate.

This is an inspiring move for foreign students. The employers will be more focused on hiring recent graduates eventually experts told. The threshold of Tier 2 migrants joining salary will remain same £20,800 (including foreign graduates) and other skilled Tier 2 visa will hike up to £25,000 p/a this autumn. The following next year it will reach up to £30,000 for new entrants.